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Kuwait 50th Anniversary Constitution

Kuwait 50th Anniversary Constitution The biggest firework display of all time (Guinness World Record) The biggest firework display of all time, the most magnificent show in the World transformed the night of Kuwait City into an unforgettable Guinness World Record breaking event, with 77.282 fireworks released from 251 floating pontoons distributed along [...]


Metinvest Convention

Metinvest Convention 700 guests from all over the world for the world steel giant Metinvest.700 guests from all over the world attended this convention-show of the world giant steel company: Metinvest. A floating theater designed as a box that opens to a certain point giving the public an aquatic show focusing on the five [...]


Fete Nationale 14 juillet

Fete Nationale 14 juillet Quand Paris Reve son Cinema...On the National day thousands of firework shows are performed all over France but the most important one is in Paris, where a crowd of 700.000 people attend in the “Champs de Mars” to a great firework event. The location chosen was the “Jardin du Trocadero” [...]


White Night

White Night The Palace of the Parliament becomes an integral part of show and celebration.The fireworks show was part of a series of events spread all over the town in a never-ending night.For the fireworks show was selected a very prestigious location, i.e. the Parliament Palace, which is the third biggest building in the [...]


Burning of the Castle

Burning of the Castle A 360° Fireworks show around the Estense Castle.A unique in its kind performance: The 360° pyrotechnlc display around the Estense Castle in Ferrara; building declared universal heritage by UNESCO. A monument that can become a glittering diamond for a moment and then transforms itsetf to vast red fire. Originated from [...]


Inauguration of the new Juventus Stadium

Inauguration of the new Juventus Stadium Fireworks greet the new stadium and the 2012 team.A stylish show raided as International ceremonies. An enormous pyro intervention covering the entire structure of the new Juventus building : unique in Italy.While President Agnelli cuts the inauguration ribbon, the stadium reveals its real character in a gigantic choreography [...]


Shakhtar Donetsk FC 75th anniversary

Shakhtar Donetsk FC 75th anniversary Celebration with fireworks, concerts and giant cakes.A Ceremony of multiple scenes played in the spectacular Donbass Arena to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ‘’Shakhtar Donetsk Football Club’’. The pyrotechnics part played an important role in highlighting the most spectacular moment of the show as a giant inflatable sphere, [...]


Zueri Faescht

Zueri Faescht Züri Fäscht: a celebration for everyone.Hundred of thousands spectators attend every three years the biggest folk feast in Switzerland. All around the lake and in the town center, on ground, as well as on water and in the air the Züri Fäscht offers entertainment and amusement for all ages and tastes. The [...]


Festa do Apostolo

Festa do Apostolo La Vida es Sentimento. In this project Santiago is seen as a platform on the world. Like the acropolis for the Athenians and the Forum for the Romans, Santiago is in the common imagination a sort of tableland of the spirit, the high place of supervision. It represents the [...]


Tunisia Presidential Inauguration

Tunisia Presidential Inauguration The El Bahira Lake is the chosen location for a first event of its kind.The fireworks was set up on the Lake El Bahira and was for its wideness and importance the biggest one ever performed in this African State. The show “Fire emotions” was based on a sound track specifically [...]


Festa del Redentore

Festa del Redentore An imposing spectacle to commemorate the reconstruction of the Church of the Redeemer. The “Festa del Redentore” is an event which takes place every year in Venice on the third Saturday of July. It is a religious feast to celebrate the construction of the Redentore Church as a votive [...]


America’s Cup World Series 2012

America’s Cup World Series 2012 The 2012 edition of the America's Cup World Series in Naples, the most prestigious sailing event in the world, celebrated the Opening and Closing of the event with two important pyrotechnics show signed Parente Fireworks. The America’s Cup World Series was inaugurated in Naples on 8 April [...]


Expo 2015 Closing Ceremony

Expo 2015 Closing Ceremony The astonishing closing ceremony able to move even the President of the Italian Republic Mr. Sergio Mattarella is the result of the incredible work of thousands of people, who succeded in giving an impressive final result by cooperating day and night, sharing the tasks among different companies. Our [...]


Doha Khalifa International Stadium

Doha Khalifa International Stadium The Emir Cup is the most important sport event inside Qatar. Fans and players, sponsors and organizers all wait eagerly for the time when Emir Cup is set for kick-off. The launch of the Emir Cup is nothing short of a festival as sports fans in Qatar impatiently wait for this [...]