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Either for a surprise during the cutting of the wedding cake, a “pyrotechnic bouquet” to close the ceremony or a real pyro-musical show where the soundtrack has been specifically studied for that occasion, every situation is carefully studied to produce the most choreographic result possible paying particular attention to the selection of suitable effects and to best use of the location. Emotion, quality and safety are the main elements in these shows, where nothing is left unplanned, a moment or a few seconds of pure magic.

We can offer suitable solutions to any kind of request, personalizing and adapting our displays to any need. Our shows range from special effects ofBengalflames with pyro-choreographies in parks or gardens to the largest aerial show always fulfilling the location and of the requirements in force. Moreover we can produce lacework and pyrotechnic effects in very restricted areas, while granting at the same time the highest safety level.

We therefore take care of every aspect linked to fireworks : from the application for all the required authorization to the choreographies study and the final performance.