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Inauguration of “Estela di Luz” monument2018-10-03T14:40:55+00:00

Project Description

Inauguration of "Estela di Luz" monument

Inauguration of “Estela di Luz” monument

A 105 meters tower surrounded by fireworks.
The inauguration of “Estela de Luz”, a 105 meters tower covered with backlit panels of quartz, a symbol of the bicentennial of Mexican independence. The lighting of this tour with its own internal lights combined with our fireworks fountains and flames was the focus of the whole ceremony and created a culmination of the idea of luminosities. The choreographed fireworks and flames in synchronized sequences highlighted the special features of the 100 meters high monument. The special effects on the sides of the full architecture imitated a real torch creating the dynamism and speed that «Estela de Luz” deserves to get as becomes the icon tour of Mexico.

location cliente Art Director
Mexico city - MEXICO Tango Producciones Claudio Valdés Kuri
Pyro Designer Project Manager Executive Producer
Antonio Parente Fabio Pavanetto - Leopoldo Verduzco Maria Magdalena Nicolini - Sergio Basanez