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Project Description

 Festa del Redentore

Festa del Redentore

An imposing spectacle to commemorate the reconstruction of the Church of the Redeemer.
The “Festa del Redentore” is an event which takes place every year in Venice on the third Saturday of July. It is a religious feast to celebrate the construction of the Redentore Church as a votive offering for the end of the plague that had caused the death of more than one third of the city population in the period from 1575 to 1577. This event has its climax in the fireworks display performed on the night between Saturday and Sunday in the San Marco dock and attended by over 100.000 spectators.

An impressive show that in the last edition was characterized by the use of 35 floats covering a sight front of about 600 m. and with an unusual cross-shaped positioning.

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