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Project Description

 Expo 2015 Closing Ceremony

Expo 2015 Closing Ceremony

The astonishing closing ceremony able to move even the President of the Italian Republic Mr. Sergio Mattarella is the result of the incredible work of thousands of people, who succeded in giving an impressive final result by cooperating day and night, sharing the tasks among different companies.

Our company has been designated by Expo offices to perform the closing pyrotechnical show. In the celebration dedicated to the six months of the International Italian Exposition, this company, with its 110 years of history sustaining its experience, has been able to show the best side of what has been called “Made in Italy”, with a multiple fireworks display that would last in the heart of all the participants ever after.

Parente Fireworks Group, through a century of history and 5 generations, performed shows in the five continents, for national governments and private companies, worldwide events and unique celebrations, move the attention of the media to the Italian quality that through the time became a work of excellence in the pyrotechnic field. Today this excellence comes back into the Italian televisions, concluding a ceremony that gave a final, strong impression of what represented Expo Milano 2015 in Italy and throughout the world.

The fireworks and the pyro-effects that brought those strong emotions to the public of the Open Air Theatre and to the ones of the near pavilions are totally Italian crafted, standing out for their quality, brilliance, crispness and duration. This top-production is supported by the artistic direction, capable of putting this high-quality products in world-class creative jobs, with an experience of tens of thousands of shows, from the smallest to the more complex ones.


50 pyrotechnicians, more than 10.000 fireworks and special effects, 1700 kilos of explosive material, 65 flame generators, more than 180 shooting points over 7 different areas thoughout the Expo area, with an impressive delivery time. The pyro-production had been custom made to cope with the high-sensitive areas and the security issues that went with the presence of the authorities and with the limited distance to the public.

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