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Project Description

Doha Khalifa International Stadium

The Emir Cup is the most important sport event inside Qatar. Fans and players, sponsors and organizers all wait eagerly for the time when Emir Cup is set for kick-off. The launch of the Emir Cup is nothing short of a festival as sports fans in Qatar impatiently wait for this event.
Players winning the final match are rewarded by the Emir himself.

The 2017 final match has been an extraordinary event: not only it represented the end of the games and the victory of one team over the others, it has also been the perfect chance to celebrate the newly restored Khalifa Stadium, the first of the national stadiums that will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

For these celebrations Parente Fireworks brought in Qatar its most skillful pyro-masters, giving to the entire show an amazing touch of colorful emotions. Pyro-effects have been placed both inside the stadium and outside of it, so that the impact of the event could have been seen from all over the Capital.