Zueri Faescht

Züri Fäscht: a celebration for everyone.
Hundred of thousands spectators attend every three years the biggest folk feast in Switzerland. All around the lake and in the town center, on ground, as well as on water and in the air the Züri Fäscht offers entertainment and amusement for all ages and tastes. The most expected moments are the three fireworks displays closing each one of the three days during which the event takes place. “Fire Sensations” was specifically developed and designed for the 2007 edition and was based on a very varied and heterogeneous sound track stressing the real sense of the Züri Fäscht, that is “a feast for everybody”. The 500.000 spectators attended a particularly rich and rhythmic show, consisting of 10 scenes and characterized by the typical “strength” of the made-in-Italy fireworks.

Pyro Designer
Zurigo - Svizzera
OK Züri Fäscht
Antonio Parente
Project Manager
Technical Director
Davide Parente
Massimo Tioli

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