Zueri Faescht 2013 - The big festival in Zurich

Zurich, 5-7 July 2013. Since 1951 the word "Event" in Switzerland means Zueri Faescht, the huge festival that millions of people await with great excitement and expectation.

Every three years the city of Zurich literally transforms itself, closing its "regular" activities and becoming, from Friday afternoon to Sunday night, the biggest amusement park in the world.

The show attracts in a single weekend millions of people from Zurich canton and from the rest of the world. The most intense point of the popular festival is the Pyro Show, one of the biggest and most exciting of all Europe.

For the fourth consecutive time Parente Fireworks has been selected as the leading company to produce such an important and prestigious show, in which Parente's team had the opportunity to add new and breathtaking pyro effects and vibrant music up to the end of the Grand Finale.

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Project Manager
OK Züri Fäscht
Davide Parente
Creative Director
Antonio Parente

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