Shakhtar Donetsk FC 75th anniversary

Celebration with fireworks, concerts and giant cakes.
A Ceremony of multiple scenes played in the spectacular Donbass Arena to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ‘’Shakhtar Donetsk Football Club’’. The pyrotechnics part played an important role in highlighting the most spectacular moment of the show as a giant inflatable sphere, suspended in the center of the arena is glowing of special effects. As the presentation of the team’s glorious moments during the past years is being projected on video, a gigantic inflatable birthday cake is ignited with pyro fountains turning around it in synchronised sequences. To conclude this magic party, roman candle and explosions devices are fired form the roof top of the enormous arena while Rihanna sings to the closing ceremony.

Art Director
Donetsk - UKRAINE
Marco Balich
Pyro Designer
Project Manager
Antonio Parente
Fabio Pavanetto

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