Pyro Jewels for the Brand New MSC Crociere Flagship

Elegance, prestige and pure emotion in an amazing night, in which the pyrotechnical show has been used as a grand finale for this dream show. 
23 March, Genua, Italy. The city - renowned to be the birthplace of Cristopher Columbus - this time chose the full dress, showing its most elegant and refined side and donating to the sky its purest diamonds, thanks to Parente Fireworks pyrotechnical management in a ceremony produced by "Piano B" Agency for MSC Cruises Group.
This special occasion has been the christening of the brand new MSC "Preziosa" Flagship, an event that gathered in one single evening thousands of people in "Porto dei Mille" and "Porto Antico" docks, giving to the participants unforgettable moments of music, sounds, images, dancing shows and amazing fireworks.
For the new, huge cruise ship official launch, guests have been able to see the fireworks in the sky looking through a particular glass-made scenographic structure, able to give a protected environment as well as to show the marvels in the water and in the sky. Big names were on stage, and above all the voice and the presence of the worldwide known Sophia Loren enchanted all the people with her elegance, while cutting the ribbon during the final part of the ceremony.
Extraordinary music of Gino Paoli and Master Ennio Morricone accompanied the event until the very last moment in which the firework show by Parente Fireworks began. On the silky blackness of the sky hundreds of the purest diamonds of light blew up together with precious golden and silver fire jewels. Guided by the notes of "On Earth as it is in Heaven" of the great composer of "Mission", the pyro effects inflamed the magnificence of the new MCS Preziosa cruise ship, thanks to a perfect sync between music and fireworks.

Art Director
Piano B
Mario Viscardi
Pyro Designer
Project Manager
Technical Director
Antonio Parente
Fabio Pavanetto
Davide Parente

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