Metinvest Convention

700 guests from all over the world for the world steel giant Metinvest.
700 guests from all over the world attended this convention-show of the world giant steel company: Metinvest. A floating theater designed as a box that opens to a certain point giving the public an aquatic show focusing on the five values of the company. Flames and pyrotechnics surrounds 120 artists performing the human show taking place in the center of the aquatic scene.  An anvil "flamethrower" specially designed to surround the artists on the water scene with a giant floating structure of special effects forming a giant human Metinvest logo. A closing fireworks show with Metinvest corporate colors transforming the aquatic scene into a true theater. Thanks to well-designed perspective of the choreography.

Art Director
Donetsk - UKRAINE
Luc Petit
Pyro Designer
Project Manager
Antonio Parente
Fabio Pavanetto

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