La Louvière "Décrocher La Lune V"

The "Urban work" created and produced by Franco Dragone, became the biggest and most important show in Belgium, currently at its fifth edition.
The main theme of 2012 was "Superheroes", a complex show performed in different zones throughout the very centre of "La Louviére", so to highlight the beauty and the value of the city monuments with fireworks and flames.
Special effects created in the squares and in the streets introduced the spectacle of tightrope walkers and acrobats and represented the best background for the parade of several characters that were proceeding from one location to the next one.
A flame show performed on the palaces of Maugrétout square was synchronized with the soundtrack carefully selected by Mr. Luc Petit, the Event Director, and embraced the main stage during the choreographies of dancers and actors.
The highest point of "Decrocher la Lune V" has been reached with the "ignition" of the moon, hanging at 60 metres from the ground and sparkling together with the brighting stars made by the fireworks one the sky. The grand finale was produced on the buildings of the main square following the music of the enchanting live performance of the National Lunaire Grand Orchestra.

Art Director
Pyro Designer
La Luvière - Belgium
Franco Dragone
Antonio Parente
Project Manager
Executive Producer
Stage Director
Fabio Pavanetto
Franco Dragone Entertainment
Luc Petit

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