Fete Nationale 14 juillet

Quand Paris Reve son Cinema...
On the National day thousands of firework shows are performed all over France but the most important one is in Paris, where a crowd of 700.000 people attend in the “Champs de Mars” to a great firework event. The location chosen was the “Jardin du Trocadero” and the theme was the cinema world, having the cinema festival “Paris Cinéma” its closing day on the same date. The theme was developed on one hand with the music choices, mainly based on  famous and well-known films and on the other hand by reproducing  sensations, colours and atmospheres, by means of the simultaneous use of fireworks and  lights. More than 60 firing sites were placed on different fronts in order to give an idea of movement and depth to the whole scene, keeping as preferential point of view both the Eiffel tower, being the television point of view and the wide audience area.

Art Director
Paris - France
Ville de Paris
J.E. Ougier
Pyro Designer
Project Manager
Executive Producer
Antonio Parente
Fabio Pavanetto
FeF production

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