Burning of the Castle

A 360° Fireworks show around the Estense Castle.
A unique in its kind performance: The 360° pyrotechnlc display around the Estense Castle in Ferrara; building declared universal heritage by UNESCO. A monument that can become a glittering diamond for a moment and then transforms itsetf to vast red fire. Originated from the will to bring out as much as possible the enormous Castle, an historical symbol of the City of Ferrara, it was chosen to have the main role in this prestigious production. An imposing and strong display which also has to be delicate and precise to respect the architectural integrity of the building. A creation that established new images of the fortress, never seen metaphors of the imposing structures successfully contributed to arouse strong emotions to all spectators taking part onsite but also to the thousands watching the live show on national television. An artistic virtuosity created by strong choreographles that is only realisable by careful and complextechnical preparations.

Pyro Designer
Ferrara, Castello Estense - Italia
Provincia di Ferrara
Giuliano Sardella
Executive Producer
Raffaele De Rossi

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